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Advantages of Pocket-Sized Maps and Brochures

Marketing your business can be costly. This is why you need to use cost-effective marketing strategies. There are considerable merits you can enjoy by choosing to use these brochures. The fact that you can pack lots of information into small sizes is the main reason why you should use folded brochures. You can use a small document to include any information you want when using these maps and brochures. In this case, you get the opportunity to use both sides of the paper. In this scenario, you get all the space you need to include text, maps, and images. You can simply reduce the size of these brochures by folding them. You don’t have to pay a lot of money when using the brochures as a marketing technique.

An added advantage of using folded brochures is that they are easy to use. These brochures usually include three panel leaflets that can be folded neatly into a small sheet. This means when you issue them to customers, they can simply place them in their pockets. This means they can easily carry them until they get home. This means once they get home, they can read them and learn more about your business.

The reality that your information can be broken into sections is another reason why you should use folded brochures. In case you sell different kinds of products and services, you should definitely use pocket-sized brochures. If your business is a hotel, giving brochures to your customers can be very useful. There are different panels where you can separate your information. This makes it easy for you to separate information about every product and service you have. There is no need for you to manually divide all your segments as this can be time-consuming.

Using pocket-sized brochures and maps also helps you save money. In a case where you sell high-end products like cars, issuing full-scale brochures is very affordable. However, if you sell cheaper products, you should consider giving folded brochures. In case you are on a tight budget, you can still use folded brochures and maps. You can talk to the printing company if this is what you want. In case your company is a startup, you should find ways to attract many customers. What you need to do in this case is market your business without spending more than you can afford. By using folded brochures, you can make sure that this can be accomplished. Another reason why you need to use folded brochures is that you can place them in rack holders. Most businesses already have these racks, and this means there is no need to invest in storage. As a startup business, using pocket-sized brochures allows you enjoy all the above merits.

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